One to mull over…

Men who sleep with lots of Women.

Are they misogynists, as Daniel Craig suggests James Bond is? Certainly Wikipedia thinks so:

Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls.Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.’

My question arises when the boot is on the other foot.

I have spoken to and read feminists say that Women who sleep with lots of men are exercising their right to do what the fuck they want (pun intended) and are not letting themselves be constrained by the social constructs that society had previously built surrounding Women’s role.

Does this mean Women hate men? I don’t think it does, at all, to say that such women sexually objectify men and therefore is really to miss the point, true or not, Men are not, nor have they ever, been repressed.

I believe that for society to move forward, all people need to be treated equally, with the same standards applied to all. To get to a point where this is second nature, causes need to be championed. However they need to be championed sensibly, not militantly, to bring a wider acceptance – a Fabian viewpoint I guess. My question therefore is, do we actually need to be more careful in how we apply the word misogyny, if the same behaviour is championed when observed through other lenses? Is it actually just the case that it is misogyny when women are objectified over and above their underlying talents? I think it is but, in the way the Craig interview was reported, it was not apparent this is what he was referring to.

A little common sense would do a lot of good in preventing actual misogynistic chumps from advancing ill-informed, myopic viewpoints. And may also help Men know where they stand.

P.s I am not trying to justify sleeping with lots of women. I don’t. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Just trying to carefully examine one of the arguments that frequently erupts when discussing the promiscuity of respective sexes.


I’m Richard and I’m 26…

And I’m conflicted.

Conflicted in so many ways, on such a considerable array of topics and to such an extent, that the conclusion I’m beginning to draw is that the only really sensible place to be in life is on the fence. In the dead middle. Taking careful account of all factors on both sides and reaching sensible compromises.

What am I conflicted about? On a human level: Is time or money important? The answer to which drives the question whether I should be focusing on my career or my life experiences? (Ideally both – anyone got any tips on that?) Extroversion vs introversion? Hedonism vs helping others?

Philosophically what is our purpose? What should we aspire to do with the time given to us? I gravitate towards a life which revels in the beauty of our surroundings and creations but the whole day-to-day-having-a-career-slogging-though-life thing gets in the way of this. So what is the correct balance?

Is the digital world that we are moving into a good thing? In gaining ease of access to information and ‘optimising’ our lives using technology are we losing something intangible?

On a political economy scale – Capitalism vs socialism which in essence boils down to focus on consumer or worker? The fact that workers and consumers are the same thing is lost on many many people. Something which never fails to amaze me.

What is the right balance between social protection and encouraging aspiration? How does one approach that in a globalised mobile world?

What is the correct foreign policy in regards to interventionism? Surely it’s not always wrong (it is crass to suggest that all interventionism is imperialistic)?

At home, what is the right policy in respect of migration? I tend to lurch heavily in favour of compassion, and many studies show that migrants add more than economically than to the strain to public services. I am however a millenial that has been through a bubble of a quiet rural childhood, a university bubble and now metropolitan London, which is readily accepted as a salad bowl of nationalities and cultures. I couldn’t possibly relate suburban middle England whom might be affected by such geopolitical shifts.

I hope to be able to explore some of these in more detail moving forward. I am currently grappling with a decision I have made to drop London life for Nepal and yonder, requiring me to stare the uncertainty of life directly in the face. I’m trying not to blink. With a bit of luck, upping sticks may help provide clarity, if only from an introspective point of view (i.e find myself, which is a bit wanky, but probably actually necessary).

So far, this all sounds a touch pious. Rather than painfully developing my comedic talents here which would just reinforce your misery, I will link to various humuor and silliness.

There may also be the occasional sharing of sporting thoughts and insights – which is one area where I’m not particularly conflicted. I will try to temper myself.

I’m Richard and I’m 26 and fuck knows what lies ahead.